L E G A C Y Shooters Patch


Sold Out


The wait is finally over. We are proud to release our limited edition series III patch. This series III colorway is a homage to the great Kodak films that we all know and love, Tri-X and Portra but with some subtle elements of the old Pan-X and Verachrome emulsions from the golden age. And as always, "Keep Film Alive and Make Every Shot Count" is a mantra at the heart of this patch that we as photographers and like minded enthusiasts abide by and can get behind. Whether you shoot 35mm,120 or both. C-41, BW or E6! ( yes, we didn't forget about our fellow Slide shooters ) it should serve as a symbol to get out and shoot with purpose.

Wear it proudly on your camera bag, jacket, hat or any article of clothing you so desire. 

Each Iron on patch is made from a 100% fine woven thread process and built to last.

Size: 3"                                                                
Colorway: Black/Crimson/Marigold/White/Silver Hallide Grey                                                            
Application: Iron On  


****Limited Edition of 250****






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