L E G A C Y LP (Lifestyle Patch)


We are proud to introduce the first of our LEGACY Lifestyle Patches to our permanent collection of analog accessories. This particular  patch embodies the shared passion and desire for shooting large format film, from 4x5 up to 16x20. Copal shutter lenses and lens boards are an integral part to the process of capturing those wonderful images and it's time they got their due. Everything is copalsetic. 

Wear this patch proudly on your camera bag, jacket, hat or any article of clothing you so desire. 

Each Iron on patch is made from a 100% embroidered thread process and built to last.


***Limited Edition of 100***

Size: 3.25" for Circular Patches, 3.5" x ~ 3" for Die Cut                                                               
Colorway: Silver/Black/Sand/Red                                                                                
Application: Iron On 


Ships out within 1-3 days


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