L E G A C Y leather camera fixed length neck/shoulder strap - Antique Tan | Dark Amber Beeswax


This classic rugged leather camera strap is all you will need to meet your daily photographic needs, whether your an aspiring street shooter or a veteran photojournalist.  Each strap will be branded with a custom TAP & DYE logo placed just below the rivet.  Stamped by hand in our studio.  


***Please NOTE: For Olympus OMD-EM5 owners only, please choose the version w/o strap bumpers as the bumpers are not compatible with the shape of the lug mounts. The split rings used with these straps are heavy duty plated tempered steel with a smooth, polished finish.


The length measurement is taken from the center of each keyring.  Select the length you want from the drop down menu. Custom size lengths can be done as well, please email info@tapanddye.com to inquire.


****As each strap will be made to order, there will be a much greater lead time for production. Please allow 3-4 weeks from date of purchase for your strap to ship.**** 

We can rush process your order if it is needed before that lead time. Please email info@tapanddye.com for more details.***



Each strap is treated with natural oils to condition and protect it. Our Dark Amber Beeswax finish undergoes an extensive hot waxing process using melted beeswax and other essential oils to strengthen and waterproof the leather for many years to come.  

  • Each leather camera strap is made from Full Grain, Cowhide leather.  The underside will be beveled and sanded for a softer, comfortable fit and feel. All edges will be left unfinished and distressed for a vintage antique look.
  • Each strap features durable, high quality antique nickel plated solid brass rivets.
  • Each strap is measured length wise from the center of each keyring. Strap thickness is 8.5 oz and width is 1/2" 
Compatible Cameras:

  • TAP & DYE camera straps are compatible with all round lug mount DSLR, film SLR, digital mirror less and rangefinder cameras.

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