L E G A C Y Leather Key Fobs


TAP & DYE is proud to introduce our unique handmade leather key fobs. Salvaged and repurposed from the unused square footage of our leather hides, these are precision cut, punched, dyed and assembled by hand in our New York City studio. They are available in Natural, Saddle Tan, Royal Navy and Black. Each strap is treated with natural oils to condition, protect and maintain the life and longevity of the leather. Over time, they will age beautifully. 

Quality above all else is our mantra and we strive to make everyone of our products reflect that. So be confident in knowing that your purchase will last you for many years to come.


D e s c r i p t i o n 

- Each strap is made from Full Grain, Cowhide leather then hand treated with natural oils for a unique timeless finish. Daily wear and scratches will occur and show beautifully for years to come. 
- Unisex
- Each strap features durable, high quality antique solid brass rivets. 
- Each strap is 4" long. Strap thickness is 1/8" and width is 1/2" Measurements: (.5" x 4.5" x .125") {12.7mm x 114.3mm x 3.15mm}

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